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Great Pyrenees Club of Canada

Club du Chien Montagne des Pyrenees du Canada


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The Great Pyrenees Club of Canada has been operating continuously since 1971. It is the official body of the Great Pyrenees fanciers of Canada, and is affiliated with the Canadian Kennel Club.

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The Club operates the following programs:

  • Publishes a newsletter called Pyr'n Round Canada
  • Provides a Rescue Service for Great Pyrenees
  • Sponsors a National Specialty Show
  • Develops an official CKC Standard for breed judging
  • Maintains a Hall of Fame for Outstanding Great Pyrenees
  • Provides a "Code of Ethics" for Great Pyrenees Breeders
  • Operates a website

    To join the club, please click here to download a membership form .

    Please click here to download our Constitution and Bylaws .

    Contact us at:
    President Sandy Dyment, 420 Chatham St., Brantford, Ontario, N3S 4J5
    Phone: 519-758-0912

    Vice-President Ruth Goodwin, 71 Hwy 141, Seguin, Ontario P2A 2W8
    Phone: 705-732-2498

    Treasurer Katherine Goliboski, 20 Sunset Ave, Brantford, Ont, N3T 5G2
    Phone: 519-304-2116

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