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Code of Ethics

Constitution and Bylaws


Club du Chien Montagne des Pyrenees du Canada

The Great Pyrenees Club of Canada has been operating continuously since 1971.

It is the official body of the Great Pyrenees fanciers of Canada, and is affiliated with the Canadian Kennel Club.

The GPCC operates and maintains the following:

  • a newsletter called Pyr'n Round Canada
  • a Rescue Service for Great Pyrenees
  • Sponsors a National Specialty Show
  • an official CKC Standard for breed judging
  • Maintains a Hall of Fame for Outstanding Great Pyrenees
  • Provides a "Code of Ethics" for Great Pyrenees Breeders (found on our About Great Pyrenees page)
  • Sponsors a free OFA Soft Tissue Program for breeders (see below)
  • annual specialty (see Current Show News for more details)

To join the club, please click here to download a membership form .


Exciting news! We have scheduled the Great Pyrenees Club of Canada National Specialty (including Sweepstake) to be held Saturday September 9, 2017 and a great Pyrenees booster to be held the following day, Sunday September 10, 2017, in conjunction with the Oakville & District Kennel Club Conformation show.

The National will be judged by Alberto Berrios (Georgia, USA). From his website:

"I have been involved in show dogs since 1970 when I started breeding and showing Boxers

I finished many Boxers out of my breeding with the BER-BEU’S prefix and with my wife, Terry, under the DANTE’S prefix. I became a professional handler in 1978 and finished many Boxers until the end of 1993 I campaigned several top specials and showed many other breeds in the working, hound, sporting, toy, and non sporting groups.

I started judging in 1997 and have judged Boxer specialties throughout the United States. Several specialties in other breed, all breed and rare breed shows. I currently judge the working, hound, and part of the sporting group as well as Best in Show and juniors. I am a lifetime member of the American Boxer Club."


The Sweepstake will be judged by Kim Groves-McLachlan. From the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada website:

"Kim has been involved with Bernese Mountain Dogs for 20 years and was introduced to this wonderful breed by her mother, Sharon Groves (Labernese Kennel), when she set out to find the perfect breed to share their lives with. After working with and learning from her mother when she was younger, Kim now breeds Bernese under her own kennel name “Avatar”.  Kim has handled several great Bernese over the years to some amazing wins. These wins include one Canadian National and two American National Specialties. Kim feels fortunate in having had her hands on several of the best dogs in this breed. Kim enjoys working with the many breeders who strive to improve this magnificent breed.

Kim is also the breeder, owner and handler of the top winning Bernese of all time, GCH Avatars Try Try Again, who was the Canadian Kennel Club's Top Show dog for All Breeds in 2009. To date, “Ty” has obtained 37 Canadian Best in Shows, 2 American Best In Shows, and 11 Best In Specialty Show wins. In 2009, Kim judged Futurity at the BMDCA National Specialty in Oregon, and she has also judged sweeps at several regional Specialties. 

Website Avatar Bernese"

The shows will be held at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga, Ontario.

The premium listing  can be found online here! Mark your calendars!

For more information on the Oakville & District KC see http://www.odkc.ca .

As per our Constitution and Bylaws, the Annual General Meeting will be held sometime after the conclusion of the specialty, on September 9th. Precise time to be determined.

A Great Pyrenees with his flock

[Pyrenees puppy sleeping]

Please click here to download our Constitution and Bylaws .


OFA Soft Tissues Program

The GPCC is proud to support good health in our breed! GPCC members in good standing wishing to register soft tissue (cardiac, patella, thyroid, or deafness) certification with O.F.A (Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals) will be able to do so at no cost to them for Great Pyrenees owned by them.
It is our hope that by promoting and assisting with the cost of these health clearances breeders will be encouraged to take advantage of the program thereby assuring the healthiest breeding stock possible and ultimately producing healthier Great Pyrenees for all breed fanciers to benefit from.

  1. The registered owner of the dog must be a G.P.C.C member in good standing
  2. Certification application must be for one of the following applicable soft tissue clearances:

Thyroid clearance

Congenital Cardiac clearance

Patella Luxation clearance

Congenital Deafness clearance

  1. The GPCC will reimburse the registration cost of the test results to the dog's owner when an invoice/receipt is submitted to a member of the executive (via email or regular mail). We understand these amounts are generally in American funds, so please submit a receipt with the Canadian amount value, otherwise the remitted amount will be calculated at the daily currency rate.

*Please note that further fundraising will be required in order to continue with this initiative should it prove successful. If you would like to support this program, please send your donation to our secretary with a note enclosed identifying it as a donation to the OFA Soft Tissues/Canine Trust Fund program.

Thank you. 

Contact information: 

Club president: Sandra Dyment pyrview@sympatico.ca
Secretary/Treasurer: Katherine Goliboski 519-304-2116 kgolibos@gmail.com